Saturday, March 26, 2011

S&W Model 40 Centennial Part 3, Gemini

  Even though I am writing about this last the first trip this little guy went on was to Gemini Customs. The purpose was function and reliability. The first step was the action, from the factory a stock J-frame has a pretty hefty pull. Marc took it down to 11 pounds, replacing the springs and installing an extended firing pin. He straightened the crane to 0.0005, straightened the ejection rod to 0.003 and polished the indent, throated the barrel and set cylinder to barrel gap at 0.005, and lastly he did a test fire to proof the grip safety. He then cleaned and lubed the gun before sending it back. This was a pretty straight forward and fast post but to the point and I believe I have included all the necessary information. I might take some more pictures if someone wants, otherwise that is it on the Model 40.

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