Friday, March 18, 2011

The Kids are Nuts

Does he look sane to you?
  I try to keep from being an abusive parent, it is hard sometimes. Kasey is still in Florida so the little ones get locked up while I'm at work for 9 hours. I get home and they go crazy for about 2 hours before I lock them back up to for bed. They have spent a lot of time in their cages so I tried leaving them out one night. To my surprise they didn't make any noise till about 0930. I let them out to terrorize the squirrels and walked into the kitchen to make my coffee. Yup there it was, the larger of the fur bellies had left a steaming earth loaf on the kitchen floor. Seems he knew just how to send my morning to the crapper.

  The kitchen is clean, less half a roll of paper towels.
The guilty parties, Matt Lauer and Prudence

  Matt Lauer has decided he likes to dig. The vines in the concrete pots did not survive the devastation that is Matt Lauer. He also decided he likes the taste of roots and that he should dig to find the choicest ones.
Matt Lauers handy work

 The albino looking child likes to eat trees and bushes. She has taught or possibly just reenforced Matts natural tendency to do the same. All I have to say about this is the Rhododendron does not look as healthy as it use to. Poor thing probably wont last out the year.
Prudence Chewing on Rhododendron apendage 

 Aside from that they have been great and I do love them. The best part is I will never have to put them through college. 

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