Saturday, November 27, 2010

Micronet towel photos

Micronet towel

Frayed corner from snapping a roommate while in Iraq, it is not normal wear and I don't think it would have frayed if I hadn't abused it.                  

Current and future projects

Here is a short list of current and future project firearms I plan to test and talk about the builds.
At the moment I have two on my high priority list. The first is my Caspian Arms Damascus 5" 1911 full custom build. The second is a Smith & Wesson model 40 centennial. A good friend and I both bought matching Model 40s at the same time and plan on doing a side by side build on them.
This next bunch is just a list of some others I plan on getting to.
Springfield armory M1A socom 16
Colt 1911 series 90 defender
S&W 360PD
S&W 686 6"
S&W performance center 500 10.5"
Custom 338 Lapua precision rifle
Custom 6.5 Creemoor pistol for hunting and target
There you have it, I hope to start getting some work done once my wife and I move into our new house. My friend and I have already done some ballistics testing with 38 special +p rounds for the Model 40s. Once I get the information on weights and expansion I will post it on here with pictures.
FYI I am mostly using my phone to post on here so please don't be too critical. Also if there is anything you would like to see tested or built/customized let me know and I will see what I can do.

Shameless product promotion

I run into different products from time to time and I tend to be a wary consumer. I am sure I have passed up great products but one I decided to buy and have been extremely pleased with is the Micronet microfiber towel. The one I bought is the full size 30"x50" I don't remember how much I paid for it but I am guessing it was around $20. The price was the one thing that would have kept me from buying it, DO NOT LET THAT KEEP YOU FROM BUYING. It is worth every penny. I bought the towel while deployed in Iraq because of its compact size. It does roll up really small and has an attached retention strap that works great. The size is amazing but not the only reason to buy. Due to it's thin shammy like construction (we called them man shammies while in Iraq) it dries faster than any other towel that I know of. When in a hot humid area say camping, hiking or in a war zone towels tend to stay wet and turn sour after a day or two, the Micronet towel won't. If you are in any situation where a washer and dryer is not near by you will really appreciate this towel. These are also tough. I have some slight fraying on one corner from snapping my roommates in Iraq with it. The fraying is only the outer stitches and it has not frayed any further even with washing and drying. The one warning I have is this, if you want a towel to wrap around you and keep you warm this is not it. Final thoughts, this is a towel you can take anywhere with you and it does a great job at drying you off, I might even say better than a regular towel. If you hike, camp or travel you need one of these. Who wants to use dirty hotel towels anyway, we all know where they have been and that isn't a comforting thought. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop