Saturday, November 27, 2010

Current and future projects

Here is a short list of current and future project firearms I plan to test and talk about the builds.
At the moment I have two on my high priority list. The first is my Caspian Arms Damascus 5" 1911 full custom build. The second is a Smith & Wesson model 40 centennial. A good friend and I both bought matching Model 40s at the same time and plan on doing a side by side build on them.
This next bunch is just a list of some others I plan on getting to.
Springfield armory M1A socom 16
Colt 1911 series 90 defender
S&W 360PD
S&W 686 6"
S&W performance center 500 10.5"
Custom 338 Lapua precision rifle
Custom 6.5 Creemoor pistol for hunting and target
There you have it, I hope to start getting some work done once my wife and I move into our new house. My friend and I have already done some ballistics testing with 38 special +p rounds for the Model 40s. Once I get the information on weights and expansion I will post it on here with pictures.
FYI I am mostly using my phone to post on here so please don't be too critical. Also if there is anything you would like to see tested or built/customized let me know and I will see what I can do.

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